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Chimney CCTV Inspections

Chimney CCTV Inspections

By their very nature flues are hidden. On initial survey our experienced surveyors can explain a lot of the likely problems that may be present, however, using a CCTV camera give us the best view possible of the condition of the inside of the chimney without opening up access holes.

The camera is carefully passed through the full height of the flue, ideally from the top. Configuration and condition can be assessed as well as dimensions.

There are many examples of kinds of damage to chimneys and flues that simply cannot be seen without a camera. From time to time we discover that a flue has been encroached upon perhaps to create a cupboard; on occasions the chimney breast has been used to provide support and a timber joist has been lodged in the brickwork.

Thanks to the modern camera technology, it’s possible to get a good look at the condition inside any chimney or flue liner and spot these potential problems. While we can appreciate that an initial upfront cost will be incurred, the camera survey will generally tell us everything we need to know and avoids assumptions.

Even if your fire or stove is working well and your chimney or flue appears to be in good condition, it is still best to have the chimney cleaned and checked annually.

The problems a CCTV survey could discover include mortar joints and brickwork breaking down within the flue, leading to the potential of smoke and fumes leaking into adjacent rooms and an increased risk of a fire occurring through heat transfer, damage to existing flue linings which may be allowing smoke and fumes to escape and blockages caused by tar build-up or debris, such as bird nests.

All of these issues are potentially dangerous.

There are other practical reasons for having a survey. These include whether a new flue lining is necessary, checking the condition of a flue after a chimney fire has occurred, for insurance purposes and for new home owners / tenants to ensure the existing flues are safe to be used in their current condition.

Where blockages are suspected we can include a sonic finder in the survey to identify precisely where the blockage is and if necessary open up the flue at the precise point to access and remove the debris. Few people who have not encountered long term birdnesting in flues would believe the volume and the solid set achieved by this activity.

Our full inspection and report is written up per meter of the flue. For example: 1st meter all clear and clean, 2nd meter signs of broken bricks lodge against wall, 3-5 meter all seems clear, 6-meter hole noticed in side wall with fallen bricks within it, 7-meter collapse of inner wall. We also take photos and videos for you to provide to your builder.