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Chimney Sweeping or brushing is simply sweeping the sidewalls from the top to the bottom using a brush. A chimney sweep helps to remove debris that has accumulated on the sides of a chimney.

When the wood burns, it emits a variety of compounds throughout the combustion process. These byproducts are responsible for the black soot on the interior of your chimney. This coating of soot is very combustible and must be removed.

Our standard sweeps are for log burners, open fire places and augers. Our process is to first check the chimney from the road side and see what cowl you have in place, is there any damage to the chimney and anything attached which may cause issues, for example tv aerials. We then enter the property laying sheets down and bringing in the equipment. Once the appliance and flue is cleaned we will give you a chimney certificate.

A thorough pre installation sweep is vital if you are wanting to bring a chimney back into use or always recommended before a flue linning is put in. Many chimneys get altered during the years, so reinstating a flue means it should be checked out to ensure there are no obvious issues with it. This is because most flues have, at some stage, lay dormant for a number of years. During that time, this once-useful void may have been modified ways you wouldn’t expect. For example, some flues were broken into by tradespeople or DIYers to run gas, water and electricity cables either down or through them.

Even if you don’t use your fireplace, it’s essential to have your chimney cleaned and inspected yearly.

Consider it like a yearly checkup for your home. Because your chimney and flue aid in the “breathing” of your home’s interior, you’ll want to ensure they are in good working order

By getting a regular checkup, you can avoid any potential problems before they start, and keep your family healthy and breathing easy.

Regardless of chimney type, you should you have your chimney swept at least one time a year. If you have oil or wood burning fireplaces, you should clean those twice a year, depending on usage.