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Chimney Pots and Cowls Fitted

Chimney Pots and Cowls Fitted

First and foremost, chimney cowls prevent downdraught. That’s extremely important because a severe case can pose a risk to the health of building occupants if it goes unchecked. Downdraught occurs when there’s not enough draw in the chimney stack or flue to pull the smoke and fumes up and out of the top. This usually happens if the air above it is warmer than the air below, but it can happen for a number of reasons. Drawing the toxic smoke out of the home is obviously crucial, but it also makes the fire more efficient too as it burns easier and uses less fuel.

There are many types of different cowls on the market and they all do different jobs.

anti down draught, bird guard and rain cover, gas cowl, blanking off cowl, draft stabiliser and rain guard, solid fuel cowls and different designs for each. We can recommend the correct terminus (top insert) to have, supply and fit these.

The most commonly recognised issue with chimneys is related to birds. A chimney bird guard creates a barrier to prevent birds and other animals from entering the chimney area because birds often see a chimney as the perfect place to build a nest. In turn, nests will then block the chimney, preventing air from being drawn properly, which reduces the efficiency of the fire. Another issue with birds nesting within a chimney is that their droppings, feathers and other mess can fall into the fire, stove or wood burner.