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Wood Burner and Stove Servicing

Wood Burner and Stove Servicing

“It is very hard to beat a traditional wood burning stove. They have been popular for a long time, and don’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon with over 170,000 new stoves being installed every year.”

  • Our Wood Burner Stove Servicing includes the following elements:
  • General protection of the area where the service is to be carried out.
  • Removal of all internal fire bricks, throat plate and other internal elements depending upon the individual appliance.
  • Cleaning the inside of the appliance inclusive of the glass.
  • Sweeping of the flue liner or chimney system.
  • Re-assembly of the appliance.
  • Smoke testing the appliance
  • Repairs to fire cement and pipe connection seals.
  • Repairs to rope seals around doors.

Also we offer a Auger sweep and full clean where we remove the cooking plates and sweep the waffle grid and internal sides.

Do you want the Full Package: We will not only sweep your flue liner but we will give the stove a good going over inside and out, touch up and scratches, check the seals and make good any fire cement.

Help to keep your stove in good working order.

Maintaining your stove correctly can contribute to a longer life-span, more efficient burning of fuel and will keep your stove looking like new longer!

We highly recommend not slumber burning. This can cause all sorts of problems with your lining or chimney.

Use good quality fuel:  Natural smokeless fuel : this will produce sulphur and if damp can go like cement and difficult to remove. Pungent smell and deposits can burn your skin. Manufactured smokeless fuel: some burn hotter, some cooler and some for longer. Lots of different types to check before buying. Wood logs: can produce soot if burnt hot enough and have the correct moisture content, otherwise they will produce tar. Wood should have a maxiuim 20% moisture to be classed as seasoned. We have a useful moisture meter reader which can help determine how your logs are getting on.

Most good quality stoves will have an air wash system for keeping your glass clean, however, your glass can still become discoloured over time due to a variety of reasons and you should look to other ways to keep on top of this common issue.